About Our Shop

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As a small child growing up on Birch Street in Virginia, Karen was creating with paint, fabric, paper, twigs, clay, anything she could get her hands on. The materials available at Birch Street Goods are the fruits of many years of learning, creating and designing. These are time tested, meticulously crafted items for young children. 

Karen has been a teacher and maker all her life. She worked as a guide in Montessori primary classrooms for many years and as a public school teacher in kindergarten and first grade. 

She is drawn to the beauty and respect that is present in Montessori education. As she found herself creating a wide variety of materials to support the curriculum, she developed Birch Street Goods so that she could share her products with others working with young learners.

Birch Street Goods is the product of years of experience designing and making materials to inspire, support and engage young children.